Redefines clinical data and customer relationship management.

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Record Procedure

Log patient with procedures diseases images and send to advisor.


Receive and respond feedback from advisor in Real-time.


Earned rewards, Motivated Tracking your goal.


Assess student from Performance EPA DOP in one page.


QR Code checking-in Uploading file Assigning presenter Collecting CME Score features provided.


Teacher can track student's progress by graph stat export to file.

and many more...

Let's start!

Information gathering

We will have 1 or 2 times for processes observation. Looking at how existing workflow operate and run. We may request for required data from working team.

Let's start!

Within 2 weeks

System preparation

Our team will discuss how we can integrate our platforms into the workflow. Creating and preparing system to support every staff touch-points.

Within 2 weeks

Within 1 Month

Start implementing

Support team comes and takes place to train staff in the field. The team will do more optimization or make any new feature on requested. Ensuring that everyone will happy by using our platform.

Within 1 Month
Medical schools
10 +


Medical Students
40000 +

1. Question Submission 

Examination hosts or teachers can upload and submit questions onto our exam bank for further question selection.

2. Allow Question with High Resolution Picture

Users can upload question and/or answer that contains high resolution medical images or videos that no larger than 1 MB.

3. Questions Submission and Selection

Teacher can add or upload questions before an examination for committees to decide which question from which teacher is to be selected.

4. Online Examination

Medical students will be able to take an examination through their tablets or their smartphones which only connect to our local portable server and disconnect from the internet in order to prevent the students from cheating.

5. Automatic Result Generation

Instantly after an examination, Get A can automatically generate examination results and visually display the results in graph and table for further analysis.

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Question Bank

Securely store MCQ SEQ MEQ examination.


Create question and answer with Text/Table/Pic/VDO. Uploaded MS Word.

Answer the question

Draw in the page like it is a paper.


Keep tracking progress by Bookmark Skip Status on any questions.


With statistics and graph in Real-time.

and many more...

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