E-Logbook for med students and teachers

What is Logbook ?

MedLog is an e-logbook application for medical students that allows them to go paperless in recording and collecting patients care records and procedures as their own portfolio.

Medlog for Student

A competent portfolio for medical students

Procedure & Patient History

Medlog allows student to go paperless in recording medical procedures via their smartphones or tablets. 

Patient Care

Students can do history searching, procedure statistics and others. They will see how many procedures they have accomplished and how many more to go.


Students can go fulfilling and completing procedure or clinical quests and tasks as assigned.

Medlog for Teacher

A validation and feedback tools 

Verify Cases

Logbook allows teachers to review and verify students’ cases at any time and any where.

Give Feedback

Teachers can review and give real-time feedback for each case.

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Notify & Remind 

Teachers will get notified and reminded when students submit their cases for verification.

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